February 22 2011


Dear Senator Kasemeyer and members of the Senate Finance Committee,

I am sorry I could not talk to you personally about SB 305 today.

My wife and I have operated an auto service and repair facility for nearly 33 years in Howard County and we have paid Maryland corporate income taxes. The idea that large businesses can get round pay taxes is terrible, we should all pay our fair share.

There are many national chains in our industry that are in competition with us, quick lube, muffler, brake and tire companies just to name a few. The idea that we are not doing business on a level playing field is hard to take in.

We are always told that small business it the backbone of the economy and to find that groups like the Chamber of Commerce and NFIB are not support this bill is shocking.

Please support small business by giving a favorable report on SB 305

Thank you

Yours truly,


Brian England. President

Home address
11915 Gold Needle Way
Columbia, MD 21044