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Sunday, September 23, 2012

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Cedar Lane Park West
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Plenty of food and drinks, bring your is free.

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August 30, 2012

First, I want to let you know that I have made the decision not to run for election two years from now in November of 2014.

In late 2010 I was interviewed by Valerie Lash, the Director of Rep Stage at the Howard Community College, about my years in public service.  That interview continues to run occasionally on the college cable channel.  Many of you who have seen it have asked me about my response to one of Valerie's questions concerning my plans for the future.  I had replied that I was not sure whether I would run for public office again. It is now very clear to me that this is the time to make public the decision I have made.

The way our grandson, Zach, is living his life with such joy, courage, generosity and gratitude in the face of brain cancer has had a profound impact on me.  This has led me to take a close look at how I want to live the remainder of my own life, and I now know that after two more years in the Maryland legislature, my work in public office will be finished.

I place a strong value on public service and am deeply grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve.  I have met and worked with so many good dedicated people who are striving for a more peaceful, loving, and just world.  These people are committed to true economic, environmental, and social justice and sustainability and have the courage to live with the consequences of sometimes going against the tide of public policy. 

Looking back over the past 35 years in public office, I have many treasured memories, some disappointments, and no regrets.  I value and cherish every day, week, month, and year, at both the local and state level of government.  Your support and trust have been invaluable to me.

I look forward to the next two years, during which I will continue to serve as the Delegate from Maryland legislative district 12B in Howard County with as much energy, commitment, and determination as ever.  Democracy is very fragile, and we must tend it lovingly and carefully.  Along with you, I will continue to have that as a very high priority in my life.

On September 11, Lloyd and I will leave for a week in the Baltic countries of Finland, Estonia, and Latvia, as well as St. Petersburg, Russia.  Leningrad Oblast, which surrounds St. Petersburg, is a sister state to Maryland, and I serve as the representative from the House of Delegates on that committee.  We will return in time for my annual picnic at Cedar Lane Park on September 23. Please be sure to join us. Elijah will be with us as always, as well as other elected representatives.  We will continue with this popular tradition of a fall picnic through September of 2014.

My husband, Lloyd, and I are blessed with good health, a beautiful family and a beautiful life.  It is our intention to continue sharing that life with you.

Thank you for all of your help and support through the years.

A Glorious Summer at the Columbia Downtown Lakefront 

As usual, I have spent a good portion of my summer at the Lakefront with friends and family.  We have heard many musical performances from blues to rock to the students of the Suzuki School of Maryland, to our own Columbia Band.  (By the way, wouldn't it be great to hear that band play our national anthem at the annual 4th of July Fireworks Celebration at our glorious Lakefront?)

We are thrilled at the return of the paddle boats after so many years.   The pathway around Lake Kittamaqundi appears to be nearing completion.  Won't it be great to walk all the way around?  Thank you, Columbia Association.

Announced plans by the Howard Hughes Corporation to significantly renovate the American Cities' Building including Clyde's are also encouraging.  Jim Rouse provided us with such a beautiful space, and it is looking like the will is now there to continue.

Special Session of the Legislature

I had made it very clear to the legislative leadership and the governor that I believed a special session to deal with expanded gambling was a very poor idea at best.  Clearly they and the majority of legislators saw it differently.  I had also informed the Speaker that I would be a "no" vote for any expansion of gambling at such a session.

After months of back and forth, the date for the session was finally determined to be during the week that Lloyd and I and our kids and grandkids rent a house on the beach of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  This was the 16th year in the same house, and the most beautiful aspect was that Zach was together with the family for the first time since his diagnosis of a brain tumor in January.

Though I would have preferred to be present to cast my "no" vote, the fact is that when the legislative leadership gets the requisite number of "yes" votes, all the remaining votes cannot change the outcome.  So I chose to be at the beach with my family.  For the days that he was with us, Zach knocked on our bedroom door at 6:15 each morning for his traditional sunrise walk with me along the Atlantic.  Words cannot express the joy of those walks.  Zach was brimming over with his usual enthusiastic and insightful stories, greeting every woman, man, and child we passed with a big smile and a cheery "good morning".  He is my wise teacher.

So the special session is a thing of the past, and expanded gambling in the state of Maryland is a given.  Although it is now time to move forward with other important positive public policy for our people, I want to share some of the post-special session news editorials that express my viewpoints on the matter:

Maryland's embarrassing slots giveaway; Our view: The gambling expansion bill lawmakers hastily put together in this week's special session is great for the casino industry, not the,0,561221.story

A 24-hour scramble for Md.’s gambling votes

Gambling law's donation curbs may not limit much; Legislation has loopholes, could face court,0,7766665.story

Two of Md.’s casinos have failed for years to file disclosure forms

Special session on gambling produced one lemon of a bill,0,404495.story

 Several Referenda on the November Election ballot

I support all of these ballot questions with the exception of #7 which would allow significant expansion of gambling in Maryland.  I was a co-sponsor of the bills regarding immigrant tuition and marriage equality and will be working for their passage.

Looking Forward to the 2013 legislative Session

State approaches budget with extra $450 million;  Improved revenues expected to make process less painful

Possible easier budget process ahead in 2013 (For the past two years, the budget process in Annapolis required dealing with fewer revenues.  This Sun article gives possible hope for an ability to do more to care for those in our state who are not able to meet their basic needs.),0,2442238.story

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