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July 6, 2012

I trust all of you had a happy, though quite warm 4th of July.  We did, starting off with the annual Longfellow parade - clearly the best parade in town, not that I'm partial.  Many families and kids were marching as usual.

It has been over a month since my last e-newsletter on May 31.  I kept hoping that we would have a final resolution on whether there will be an additional special session.  Alas, not yet.  I find the amount of time being devoted to this question nothing short of dismaying, given all of the other pressing needs in our state.

Following are several recent news articles on the topic:

Gambling's most taxing issue. Our view: Are Maryland lawmakers seriously contemplating giving out-of-state casino operators a major tax break just weeks after raising the state's income tax? (Excellent question.  Apparently the answer is "yes" for some legislators.),0,2391560.story

Casinos are no game-changer for Maryland finances. Gambling typically makes at most a marginal difference for state treasuries (I have worked with Tom Schaller on several public policy issues in the past and have had some of his UMBC students serve as interns in my Annapolis office.),0,517477.column 

Analysts say there's room in Maryland market for another casino. Work group hears from PricewaterhouseCoopers, legislative staff ("Uncertainty" is the key word.),0,4450780.story

Gambling work group makes decisions behind closed doors (Not a legitimate topic for "closed doors" as far as I'm concerned.  At least the casino owners will no longer have the slot machines given to them as a gift from the taxpayers.),0,4258802.story

The Rocky Gap lesson. Our view: Despite the losses involved, selling Rocky Gap was the right thing to do, but did anyone in Annapolis learn anything from the expensive exercise? (Let's hope so.  Time will tell.),0,817536.story

Gambling panel fails to reach consensus. Special session unlikely as House members object to provisions (... and the uncertainty continues),0,4172558.story

High stakes in Maryland (..."toxic way for a state to raise money" expresses my feelings precisely)

What's the rush, Gov. O'Malley? Our view: Maryland should forget about a special legislative session to expand gambling; better to wait two years and avoid more mistakes  (Hopefully the governor read this Baltimore Sun editorial and took it to heart.),0,430150.story

Kevin Kallaugher:  Kal’s View (Kal's cartoons are the best - not at all intended to diminish the magnificence of those beautiful tall ships),0,


Other current public policy issues:

Cleaning up Maryland politics (For more than ten years I have been the lead sponsor of a bill to close the "limited liability corporations" campaign finance loophole mentioned in this Post editorial.  It has passed the House several times, but never the Senate.  Word has it that 2013 may be the year.)

Secret money fuels the 2012 elections (I have been one of the lead Maryland legislators urging Congress to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.)

Court puts U.S. on path to single payer. Surprise: the 'public option' is very much alive and well in Obama's health care reform (This articles references Maryland's lead role in health care reform.),0,49509.story

Health care Catch-22. Our view: Maryland shouldn't be penalized for restraining rising hospital costs (I and others worked closely with the Health Services Cost Review Commission back in the 70’s to pave the way for Howard County General Hospital to expand.),0,7961058.story 

Some builders scramble to be grandfathered under new septic law. (The subject septic bill in the article has already been weakened too much in my opinion.  Septic tanks are a major contributor to the degradation our of precious Chesapeake Bay.)

If the Dream Act wins, all Marylanders win (Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown is right on point in this op ed as far as I'm concerned.  Hopefully enough Marylanders will gain a better understanding of the impact of this legislation.)

Government is the solution (Another excellent example of why E.J. Dionne is one of my favorite columnists)

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