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May 31, 2012

Two weeks have passed since the special legislative session and talk persists of another such session to address expanding gambling in our state.  Though the talk is lessening, it has not ceased.  I fervently hope that the governor does not call us into this session.  Maryland has many matters in need of attention, and gambling is not on the top of the list.

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News articles

Gambling: An issue Gov. Martin O’Malley can’t escape (David Cordish, the developer of the state's largest planned casino, which is scheduled to open very soon in Anne Arundel County, makes an intriguing comment at the end of this article:  "I guarantee you, if Prince George's is extended the sixth (casino license), there will be a seventh and an eighth asking for a license, that's just the nature of this animal."  I completely agree, and it therefore follows that the same could have been said about his license and those before his.  It is clear from observing many other states that once casinos are allowed the intense pressure for more will continue and continue.)

One special session down, another to go?   Legislators face prospect of return to Annapolis over gambling (I believe this article supports the idea that another special session would be folly.),0,4749758.story

Funds cut as number of needy Marylanders hits new high/State is budgeting less for assistance in the coming fiscal year (I work closely with Neil Bergsman who I believe is one of the most dedicated and effective "lobbyists" for those who cannot speak for themselves.),0,3345788.story

Intercounty Connector a life-changer for motorists, residents (Whatever you may think of the ICC, one thing is clear - until we start spending a greater percentage of the state's transportation funds on transit, highway congestion will only increase.)

Citizens United II   Our view: Supreme Court has an opportunity to correct the grievous error that created the 'Super PAC' and uphold Montana's 106-year-old anti-corruption law (In recent weeks I have received numerous constituent requests that I support Congress in overturning the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court.  I was one of the sponsors of a resolution during the 2012 legislative session to do just that.  Hopefully Congress will have the wisdom and courage to do so.),0,1269397.story

'We still have to fight. So for God's sake, fight.'  David Simon urges Georgetown graduates to struggle, in the face of absurdity, to make the world a better place (The word "hero" is sometimes used rather loosely in my opinion, and I rarely use it myself.  David Simon, a former reporter for the Baltimore Sun is truly a hero to me for the courage he has shown over many years in shedding a bright light on social and economic injustice in our country.  Georgetown chose well.),0,1382006.story

Two Recent Occasions at Home in Columbia

Last week I was invited by John DeWolf of Howard Hughes Corporation to join about a dozen others to see a presentation in his office of the plans for the first new building in Town Center.  I had to leave shortly after the presentation and took the time to express my thoughts. After almost five years of numerous less than mediocre presentations, by other developers, it was so encouraging to see such a creative and well thought out project: quality architecture, quality design, quality landscaping, quality public spaces, and quality environmental features.

It was also a delight to learn that one of the leaders on the project grew up right here in Hobbit's Glen.

Though I agree with some in attendance who said they are eagerly awaiting the county government's action on the Housing Trust Fund, I believe there is now some cause to be optimistic about the future of our beloved Newtown of Columbia.

Another cause for optimism about our beloved Columbia

Last week I also attended the end of year concert for our granddaughter Katerina at Wilde Lake Middle School. To get to the school we drove through the long neglected Wilde Lake Village Center, the first in Jim Rouse's Newtown.

Once inside in the auditorium hearing the chorus sing and the orchestra play, we could have been in the most well kept and upscale community anywhere. The girls and boys performed beautifully, with poise and great enthusiasm.  With tears in my eyes, I felt deep gratitude for their teachers and the administrative and support staff.

I leave on Saturday for my ninth annual week-long silent retreat by the James River in Virginia.
Zach will certainly be with me, as well as all of my family and friends, including all of you.
This is always such an insightful week for me. 
Each year I return home more peaceful and more in love with life.

Be well and enjoy June.

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