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May 10, 2012

As you most likely know by now, the Governor has called us back into a special legislative session beginning at noon on Monday, May 14.

The Speaker of the House met with a group of us this week and said that he and the governor and the President of the Senate have agreed that we will not consider legislation relating to gambling at this session.  I believe that is a very wise decision.  There is no doubt in my mind that the gambling issue brought about the legislative deadlock in April which has resulted in much justified concern and confusion since then.

The leadership's intent is to hold this session to a minimum, not going beyond next week.

From my perspective, our major objective is to adopt a budget and revenue package that is economically and socially as just and sustainable as possible.

Please hold us in your thoughts next week that we may do the people's work with diligence, courage, and integrity.

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News articles related to major issues in this legislative session 

Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley: Special session to start May 14
( I agree with the governor's words in the following article in the Baltimore Sun: "There is too much at stake not to move forward.")

Editorial: Special session needed for budget — but not for gambling
(Again, I believe the following editorial in the Sun is right on the mark.),0,6635014.story

Legislation would give state voters more political gift information   Campaigns would report donors' occupation, employer
(This bill which we passed in the legislative session is a step forward for transparency in Maryland government.),0,5436163.story

One loophole down, 24 to go    Our view: Campaign finance reform doesn't go nearly far,0,4472640.story

How to beat Citizens United
(An intriguing op ed by one of my favorite Post columnists -  E.J. Dionne)

MBTPI signs letter calling on state leaders to resolve budget crisis and fully fund the services that make Maryland a great place.

Who’s afraid of Maryland’s ‘doomsday’ budget?
(The following Washington Post editorial is having a little fun with the term "doomsday budget."  I don't know whose idea it was in Maryland government to use this term.  Clearly it was not a good one.)

Unusual weather worsened Chesapeake Bay's health     Scientists grade Chesapeake's condition D+ in 2011(This Baltimore Sun article shows how much work we have ahead of us in the Environmental Matters Committee and the full legislature to clean up our precious estuary.  We must remember that the Bay is a major economic asset to our state as well as an environmental one.),0,4984249.story

Enjoy the remainder of this gorgeous  May. 
I love living in the same beautiful community with all of you.

Please keep Zach in your thoughts and prayers.

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