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Email Update

March 30, 2012

The legislative process has moved along quite efficiently this week, so much so that we will not be in session on Saturday. YEAH!  Our garden is calling me.  I can feel my hands in the dirt already. My first meeting on Monday is scheduled for 2:00 pm, so I have a nice long weekend ahead of me.

The budget conference committee of the Senate Budget Committee and the House Appropriations Committee has been working this week to resolve the differences between the two chambers’ budgets.  They will continue their work this weekend and report to the full legislature sometime next week and then both chambers will adopt the final budget.  This year’s budget deliberations have been the most difficult I have seen.  We have done a pretty good job of dealing with the revenue shortfalls, in my opinion.  However, we continue to refuse to close some of the gaping tax loopholes, e.g. allowing big multi-state corporations to pay taxes in Delaware on profits they made in Maryland.

We legislators often hear from effective organizations that lobby for good environmental causes, human rights, education, the arts, open government, and on and on.  What we are in dire need of is a group to shine a bright light on economic injustice.

There is only one full week remaining in this legislative session.  I so appreciate the many, many messages I have received from you. It is very helpful to hear what people back home are thinking, and it is very encouraging to know how many of you are paying attention to our work here in Annapolis.

I don’t often like to make comparisons, but I think that I have the most informed constituents of any legislative district in Maryland.

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Session Today

House Bill 441 Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2012

Today in legislative session the House passed this bill by a vote of 88 to 47 .  This controversial and major public policy, which was supported by the governor, now moves to the Senate for their consideration.  I heard from many of you in support of this legislation and from some in opposition.


News articles related to major issues in this legislative session 

Open government  has been a very high priority of mine for many years.  I have sponsored many bills in this area of public policy and have succeeded in getting some of them passed.  Below are two articles – one pointing out shortcomings in transparency in Maryland government and another about facilitating easier access to records.

Maryland gets low marks on transparency report cards

Senate adds local officials to online disclosure measure

Environmental Matters Committee   

The Chesapeake Bay's measure of success   
Healing the damaged bay begins with the unsexy but indispensable work of monitoring and sampling
(I included another article by Tom Horton in an earlier e-newsletter.  This one, though it does not relate to any particular legislation, is so important for we who are the stewards of the Chesapeake Bay, arguably the most valuable estuary on our planet. Please take the time to read it.  Reading it myself, I can see in my mind’s eye the increasingly severe erosion of the stream banks in the Middle Patuxent Valley near our home where Lloyd and I frequently walk. I also have concerns about  the stream banks adjacent to the beautiful new Robinson Nature Center.  Yet, unless there is a strong intervention, we will soon see homes sprouting up right along the river by that center.),0,2754904.story

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