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November 29, 2012

Once again I want to thank all of you who continue to send me thoughtful messages about my decision not to run for office in 2014.  Your kind words warm my heart. Some of you say that "it is time for you to begin to enjoy your life", and I find those words somewhat perplexing. I very much enjoy my life now and have for many years.  Lloyd and I are blessed with a beautiful family and many dear friends.  We deeply love our time together both at home and travelling around the world.  I eagerly look forward to these last two years in public office and I equally anticipate life after public office.

Could Thanksgiving Day have possibly been more beautiful?  Our families, including all eight of our grandkids were with us for dinner.  They spent hours outside on the front lawn of our homeowners' association property playing touch football.  It was such a joy to watch them through our living room window running around in their colorful shirts.  How can it be that the youngest of them is now eleven years old?

Last night the full moon accompanied by Jupiter very nearby was brilliant.  I checked on it one last time out on our deck before going to bed where I could continue watching it through the window.  When I awoke at five this morning, they were right there to greet me, though from a position much lower in the sky.

Now, sitting at our dining room table, I am again looking out the window at a magnificent pink sunrise which is also reflected in the slightly iced over pond.  Awareness of such an abundance of natural beauty gives rise to deep gratitude.

This time of giving thanks is also a time for compassion for those who are suffering on our planet and also for recommitting ourselves to tending to our democratic rights and responsibilities.  The blessing of living in a democracy brings with it a fragile balance which needs to be lovingly tended.

 I am sure that many of you have been inspired, as I have, by Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi.  Her gentle strength along with her fierce determination and bravery stands out so beautifully against the strife in so many areas of our planet.  The ease with which she speaks so clearly about the importance of meditation in her daily political life is so inspiring and gives rise in me to a fervent hope that more of us will use this practice.

Obama hits hopeful note in Burma


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November 29, 2012

Recent meetings in Annapolis in preparation for 2013 legislative session

Yesterday the Environmental Matters Committee received a briefing from six departments in the administration on their plans for the upcoming session which begins in January: Agriculture, Environment, Housing and Community Development, Natural Resources, Planning, and Transportation.  We also heard presentations of four legislative task forces which have been working since the end of this year's session in April:  Marcellus Shale, Animal Spaying and Neutering, Lead Paint, and Mortgage Foreclosure.

The previous day a report was given on recodification of the Land Use Article of the Maryland Code to two subcommittees - Local Government and Land Use and Ethics, which I chair.

It appears we will have another very active session next year.

News Articles

Good news for Md.'s budget   Our view: Cost containment, tax increases put the state on the verge of long-term balance, but the pain isn't over yet, and substantial risks loom
(This editorial in the Baltimore Sun gives reason to believe that budget deliberations, though clearly not easy, will be somewhat less difficult in the 2013 legislative session.),0,1355613.story

Heath Care

Maryland's Obama care gamble pays off; Our view: Md. lawmakers' early decision to back a state health insurance exchange has paid off now that the Affordable Care Act is no longer at risk
(Another editorial from the Baltimore Sun gives a good explanation of what Maryland has done in order to be prepared to move forward now in implementing the federal Affordable Care Act.  I mentioned in one of my E-newsletters during the 2012 legislative session that I believed the Health Benefits Exchange Act was the most beneficial public policy resulting from that session.  Now it appears clear that it truly was.),0,4397924.story

Survey finds Howard County voters favor health care reform act

Last week, at the invitation of Vinnie DeMarco, head of Maryland Health Care for All, I attended and spoke at a press conference releasing this survey.  The Horizon Foundation here in Howard County had conducted the survey for Health Care for All.  It is clear that we need a significant amount of plain and simple education in order to dispel fears that have arisen in response to tactics to dissuade support for the president's health package.  Vinnie along with others will be organizing efforts throughout the state to help people understand their options and sign up to participate in the plan thereby significantly improving their access to good health care.,0,6842020.story


After 30 years, Rouse's Enterprise is adapting to financial challenge;  Affordable housing nonprofit is working to set the agenda for other community development groups
(The work of Columbia's beloved Jim and Patty Rouse continues to resonate throughout communities.  Wouldn't it be appropriate for some of these affordable housing strategies to be employed right here in further development of Rouse's new town?)


Maryland strikes a note for tolerance
(I so strongly agree with this Washington Post editorial describing the passage of the Marriage Equality and Immigrant Tuition referenda as "encouraging".
Actually that word appears to be somewhat of an understatement to me.  The judgments demonstrated by Maryland voters on these measures were positive from many perspectives - social justice, human dignity, and the economy.
As for the referendum on expanding casinos, I am disappointed though not surprised by the approval of this measure. It was the most expensive campaign by far in Maryland history, including campaigns for governor.  Interestingly, the measure did not pass in Howard County.)


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