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"I would love to see ALL of you and your families at my final annual picnic. We always have fun and great conversation at this Gathering of Good People Who Care About Good Government."


Hello from the beautiful, sunny coast of North Carolina


August 6, 2014

Lloyd and I are spending the 15th year in the same house on the beach with our kids and grandkids.

This is the first year that Zach is not physically with us, though his spirit is literally everywhere among us -- in the ocean waves, the beach sands, in the sky among the stars.

Here is a photo from yesterday. Only two of our grandkids had their hands free to strike the "Zaching" pose. Our family is such a blessing.

Today marks the halfway mark of our week together here. Then, we return to our beloved home in Columbia, Maryland.

On Sunday, August 10, at 10 a.m. I will deliver a talk about Zach, "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day", at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center at the Unitarian service. You are welcome to join us. I would love to see you.


Campaign Financing

Washington Post:  Casino Interest and Maryland Candidates Intertwined

Each morning at the beach someone walks across the street and brings back the Washington Post. This article in yesterday's edition makes clear what many of us knew would come to be, although not quite so soon - the blending of casino money with campaign contributions. I was so grateful to Ed Kasemeyer for his quote in this article.

The end of the article regarding LLC campaign contributions is about a bill that I sponsored for many years, which Brian Frosh sponsored in the Senate. The House version made it out of committee several years and passed the full House. The Senate never approved it until last year. Unfortunately when it did finally become law, it had been amended, without my vote, to delay implementation until after this year's state election.



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