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Liz will be the speaker at a joint meeting of Common Cause and Progressive Maryland:

Monday, June 24, 2013
7-8:30 pm 
Howard County Library
Central Branch
10375 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia  

Free presentation of
"The United States of ALEC"

Bill Moyers’ acclaimed short film about corporate control of our laws and legislatures
and how we can take back our government.

Discussion to follow. Liz has worked closely with these two organizations for many years
to further transparency in government and campaign finance reform.

See more from the sponsors.

Due to the limited space in the room, please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Hello to All of You from Home in Columbia

June 20, 2013

More than two months have passed since the end of the legislative session and my last e-newsletter.  Many of you have asked whether your name has been accidentally dropped from our list.  No, I have simply been caught up in life and fallen behind.

In April, Lloyd and I took a whirlwind ten day trip through parts of Panama and Costa Rica.  Lovely people, love flora and fauna, lovely views, and lovely nourishment.

Last weekend during the Lakefest of the Columbia Festival of the Arts, Lloyd and I saw many of you at our beautiful lakefront.  It is so great to see the pathway around Lake Kittamaqundi nearing completion.   Clyde’s renovation and reopening fills me with gratitude that we avoided the proposed demolition of the Teachers’ Building. 

Every year the geese who settle on the pond alongside our home have a gaggle of about four to six goslings, and each year some of them fall prey to large turtles or hawks.  This year mother goose birthed four goslings.  Within weeks that number was down to one, and just yesterday the one remaining, while its parents were teaching it to fly, fell prey to the turtle.  Yes, I know that’s nature, and yet what a pang arose in my heart.

In May, the Foreign Information and Referral Network (FIRN), a Howard County non-profit which helps people from other nations assimilate into our community and which I helped found when I was serving in county government, held a naturalization ceremony.  It was a joy to observe the emotion in the facial expressions of these forty-some individuals from a good twenty nations.  Some of them had children in attendance watching the ceremony.  It occurred to me that some of them may well benefit from the Dream Act, the immigrant in-state college tuition law, which the Maryland legislature passed in 2012 and which the voters approved on referendum in last year’s general election.  When they benefit, we all benefit.

Also in May, the Dali Lama was invited to give the annual Sadat Lecture at the University of Maryland in College Park.  He shared the stage with Sadat’s widow, Jehan, at the Comcast Center with more than fifteen thousand people in attendance.  The characteristic humility and simplicity of the Dali Lama’s message were even more pronounced than I have ever heard.  He reminded us that we are all truly the same.

Until we get that fact deeply impressed into our souls, we cannot contribute to peace in the world.  Until we are each peaceful within ourselves, we cannot contribute to world peace, or to peace in our own communities.  We who are fortunate enough to be living in Jim Rouse’s new town of Columbia are clearly no exception to his message.

Jehan Sadat said that her husband knew that he would be killed if he continued his quest for peace.  She said she knew this was true and yet continued to support him in his quest.

The Dali Lama said that Anwar Sadat had long been one of his heroes and seeing him embrace Jehan Sadat as they met on the stage brought forth deep gratitude for these loving and courageous inhabitants of our planet.  And yes, it also brought forth hope.


 News Articles

The Flyer: Howard Hospital celebrates 40 years as county lifeline

I confess to some feelings of nostalgia in reading this article which covers the very early days of my involvement in public policy in Howard County. 

A small group of residents challenged the health planning system which had allowed certification for excess hospital beds in some other institutions, resulting in unnecessarily longer hospital stays.  Consequently Howard County General had an environment conducive to its growing to a full service hospital.

The Sun: A rare win for good government in Annapolis; Our view: Campaign finance bill includes real reforms

This campaign finance legislation includes a bill for which I had been the main sponsor for more than ten years.  It closes a loophole which allowed business donors to bypass the legal limit for contributions and which had been frequently used.

The Daily Record: States takes big step toward more pain care  

I was the co-sponsor with Delegate Jim Hubbard of this bill, which gives greater emphasis to palliative care as an option in health care.



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