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Hello Again from Annapolis to All of You Back Home

March 29, 2013

On Monday evening Lloyd and I drove home to hear Hans Peter Durr speak at Wisdom Well, a family acupuncture and wellness center in Columbia.  Hans Peter is a world renowned nuclear physicist and past president of the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany, generally agreed to be the foremost physics institute in the world.  Bob Duggan and Dianne Connelly, the founders of TAI Sophia, where we had heard Hans Peter speak two times before in years past, now practice at Wisdom Well.  Dianne has been my acupuncturist for almost 20 years.

Hans Peter, who had just finished a world tour advocating for peace, spoke of the connectivity principle and how absolutely everything and everyone in the universe is connected.  "We are not separate.  We are all together."  His simple words come back to me as we are working to develop just public policy for the people of Maryland.  "When you put a drop of water in the ocean, it is no longer a drop; you have added something to the whole."

This humble man with a magnificent intellect and beautiful soul spreads the unity of love wherever he goes.  Lloyd and I are so grateful to Bob and Dianne for creating this opportunity for us to be with Hans Peter once again.  He left Columbia on Tuesday to continue his tour in New York City.

On Wednesday morning, the Ambassador of India, Nirupama Rao, spoke to the members of the House of Delegates from the Speaker's podium.  Listening to this lovely woman relay her thoughts on the relationship between our two democratic nations, I found myself transported back three months in time to my pilgrimage through India with Gandhi's grandson.  Frequently during the weeks of the legislative session, Gandhi's peaceful manner of dealing with conflict has inspired me.  We can learn so much from this simple man.

 I look forward to planting pansies in our little garden this weekend. 

News articles related to major issues in this legislative session

The Sun: We all benefit from transit, and we should all pay for it; Our view: Gas tax opponents are wrong to claim that spending more on public transit shortchanges motorists (or anyone else living in Maryland)

The following point made in this  Baltimore Sun editorial is a good one.  "Without buses, light rail, and subway to connect low-income workers with employment, particularly in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, poverty and government-dependence would spike." 

Washington Post: 5 questions about Maryland’s gun-control bill

These 5 questions sum up the remaining questions on the gun regulation bill that the two committees will be meeting today to address.  Then, next week, if it passes out of committee, it will come to the rest of us in full session of the House.

Maryland Reporter:  Restrictions on referendum process won’t pass this session, Senate president says

In my March 15th e-newsletter, I wrote of my concern about legislation that would create “onerous" requirements for referenda signatures.  So I was pleased to read this article in the Maryland Reporter.  Although I must say, I can't fathom the Senate President's saying he is concerned about having "every single piece of legislation" going to referendum. Which ballots has he been observing?

Three unwise pieces of legislation pertaining to agriculture in Maryland

The Sun: Agriculture should pay for its own pollution; Maryland shifts cost of cleanup from farms to taxpayers

Maryland's Riverkeepers are very dedicated to protecting our waterways and holding us elected representatives accountable.  I agree with what the West/Rhode Riverkeeper has to say in this op ed. 

The Sun: To monitor farm pollution, why not use drones?A few common-sense suggestions in the wake of the Hudson-Perdue case

I also agree with Dan Rodricks in his column above that we do not "want politicians sticking their noses into that process” (in regard to the Environmental Law Clinic at the University Of Maryland School Of Law), "trying to influence which cases the clinic takes and which it doesn't." 

The Sun: Bill would give farmers 10-year reprieve on new regs;  Many environmental groups worry about impact

The subject bill (SB 1029 Maryland Agricultural Certainty Program) in the article above from the Baltimore Sun was filed very late in the session and is rushing its way through the legislature.  It will receive a public hearing in the Environmental Matters Committee on April 3rd , just five days before the legislative session ends.  As you can see, nearly two dozen environmental organizations are opposing the bill.  Unfortunately, in keeping with what appears to be a trend, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is supporting the bill. 

Washington Post: Baltimore Ravens’s Torrey Smith on his internship for Rep. Elijah Cummings

What a coincidence (or are there any coincidences?) that Torrey Smith came to the floor of the House during legislative session yesterday, after I had decided to put this article about him in this week's e-newsletter.  He brought the Ravens Super Bowl trophy with him, so you can only imagine the height of excitement.  I texted Zach from the floor and he texted back that Torrey is his Mom's favorite, so I texted her as well.

Click here to see Torrey and Howard County delegates.

I told Torrey how moved I was by the fact that he worked in Elijah's office as an intern for an entire month before telling people who he was.  He told me he loved the internship and learned a lot.  Humility in a champion sports figure.  Now that's encouraging.

Be well.


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