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October 14, 2014

As good as I feel about a respective review of my 20 years in Annapolis, I feel equally strongly about doing whatever I can to help elect individuals who will represent me well in the Maryland Legislature now that I am leaving public office.

For that reason, I am devoting all of my political energy to helping Senator Ed Kasemeyer win his re-election bid along with the three Democrats running in District 12 - Terri Hill, Eric Ebersole, and Clarence Lam.

This is not an easy district covering two counties - Howard and Baltimore - nor is it a very friendly political climate. So it is very important that we come out to vote for these four candidates, all of whom I believe will do a very conscientious and thorough job in representing us. Over the past 20 years I have developed a deep respect for Ed Kasemeyer and the way he works for his constituents with integrity and diligence. I have believed for some time that Terri will do an excellent job and over the past year have come to know and believe the same of Eric and Clarence.

I realize that in this often negative political climate we can get discouraged. It is very important that we remain motivated and see to it that our legislative district elects Ed, Terri, Eric, and Clarence.

With the end of my 20 years in the Maryland Legislature and 33 years in elected public office rapidly approaching, I experienced my first moments of nostalgia at my last annual picnic last month when Congressman Elijah Cummings was speaking and bringing the crowd to tears. I then became aware more clearly than ever how important this particular election is to me.

There are some people on this distribution list who do not live in District 12. I also encourage you to vote in Novemeber.

Be well and enjoy autumn,



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